Values & Principles

Our Values & Principles guide our activities with clients and each other in the accomplishment of our vision:

Integrity We do what we say we’ll do. We walk the talk.
Radical Ethics Our goal is Transparency. Everything we say and do is open for anyone to see 24/365 as we strive to the highest ethical standards.
Fun The objective is to have fun – otherwise why bother?
Balance Our goal is balance in our personal and professional lives. Take time to smell the roses.
Clients First We do what is right for the client regardless of the cost to our company.
Hard Work It is exhilarating to watch people and organizations grow from striving for excellence.
Relationships We operate with a sense of community where everyone has a place and a value. The quality of our interaction is our standard of measure.
Competitiveness We like the sense of accomplishment that comes from winning, and we do it ethically.
Quality We are recognized as a leader in providing world class services. Our clients and suppliers deserve it.
Dreams We believe in the impossible. We’ve seen it accomplished too many times not to.
Potential We believe in the inherent goodness and value of all human life and respect it as the Creator’s work of love. Our work seeks to enhance this quality in ourselves and our clients.
Greatness We operate from the premise that “… the greatness of a society is measured not so much in the economic and scientific achievements as in its ability to reach out and lift the least of its citizens from their plight…”