The Ultimate Freedom Project

“I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.” Mahatma Gandhi.

How often we walk around living in the pain of frustration with where we are at the moment in our lives, spiritually, individually or organizationally.  We know we are capable of more, that the free expression of our inner strengths and being can lead to greater fulfilment, success and peace! And yet each day is a fight to just keep going, keep bread on the table and our relationships intact.

When will we exercise the freedom to seize the opportunities God, in His Divine Providence offers to us?

Enough of this existence!

The Problem:  We think we are capable of more, spiritually, individually and organizationally, and we want to be capable of more, BUT we are not achieving more, and are unclear HOW to achieve more.

All of Life is speaking to us, but are we listening?

NO! We too busy with our distracted hurried lives, filled with every sort of distraction from the time we wake up until we fall in bed at night.

The second most powerful tool we possess is our ability to reflect. (Our most powerful tool is our ability to love.) The ability to stop and reflect on the consequences of a word or action before it is taken. The world is littered with the debris of ill-conceived words or actions that, had one stopped to reflect, would not have occurred. And yet it is so little used. Why?

You cannot flex a muscle you have not used. You cannot use a tool you have no knowledge of.

The Possibility: The Ultimate Freedom Project provides the most powerful tool we can possess for improving our lives – it works on every level of our life – spiritually, individually and organizationally.  Life is speaking to us about the possibilities Divine Providence offers us choices, it is up to us to Listen and Act. We can live to our potential as we were created to do. But, it takes a Vision, an Assessment of the gap between the current state and future state, and a Proven Process, and the opportunities that Divine Providence offers can be seized.

The Perspective: The question is, do we have the proper disposition and tools to listen and tune into Life as it speaks through Divine Providence, the methods and practices to align ourselves to it, and the processes needed to Animate our Actions, create the Vision, Rewire our individual and Collective Brains, and Energize the Execution?

The Plan: The Ultimate Freedom Project is designed to help individuals and organizations learn how to execute a Sync Pivot: the ability to turn from a planned path to capture a disruptive opportunity quickly.

Executed: When the person, team or organization moves with alignment of vision, values and purpose as a single entity and not fragmented and disjointed as is the normal state of being.

Requires: All elements of the single entity are engaged in the practice of the Four Sync Pivot Principles

Whether personal, professional or organizational, Sync Pivot Strategy has application in every dimension of our individual and organizational lives.

The Ultimate Freedom Project is a coaching program designed to help individuals or organizations discover a new way of being present to and seizing the opportunities that Divine Providence is constantly providing.

The program is based on years of providing executive coaching to individuals in every walk of life and senior executives of small, middle market and including the Fortune Global 500. It is both challenging and pragmatic, not for the faint of heart and required a commitment of time and effort.

The program has very limited availability. Please contact us to determine if there is availability.