About Avantt Consulting

Avantt Consulting, The Growth Strategies Company™, works with clients to drive growth and performance, delivering increased stakeholder value, by focusing management teams on developing breakthrough strategy, getting the commitment of an energized organization, one person at a time, to achieve realization of the strategy through rigorous implementation.  Avantt Consulting works with middle market companies across a broad range of industries and functions. Founded in 1991, Avantt Consulting has grown to include consultants who are extraordinarily adept at delivering innovative solutions for growing organizations.

The inspiring, humorous, but very pointed work done by Avantt Consulting with people and organizations has a transformative goal: help them grow beyond the currently imposed limits they are confronted with, whether they are internal or external. Organizations are groups of diverse people striving for excellence as they serve internal and external customers and one another. They present a rich mosaic of interests and talents that can help bind an organization together to achieve goals that operating alone would be impossible.  Avantt Consulting is a developer of transformational talent, taking people and organizations to a higher level than they might have expected to achieve otherwise.

Transformational leaders are those who lead by example, coach for improvement and inspire goal achievement.  When people and organizations are disposed to practice the Four Principles of Listen, Search, Love and Do, then implementing ‘Sync Pivot’, the ability to turn from a planned path to capture a disruptive opportunity quickly, is much easier. Through his work, David Leis and Avantt Consulting have changed thousands of lives, some in dramatic ways.  The Four Sync Pivot Principles have proven results for people and organizations from all over the world. For those who apply the Four Sync Pivot Principles, they will discover a life for themselves and their organizations that are richer and more fulfilling than they ever thought possible.