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About David Leis

davidDavid Leis is an award winning consultant, executive coach, author, trainer, business executive and college instructor.  His passion is helping people and organizations grow beyond their wildest expectations!  He has done executive coaching for hundreds of individuals as well as the senior management of small, middle market and the Fortune 500 companies.  David has taught thousands of people in the academic, corporate and defense environments and has been recognized in each of those environments for his impact and results.  He has appeared on TV, in newspapers and a number of trade publications.  David is the author of the book “Succeed Wildly in College”  www.succeedwidlyincollege.com  He has been commended for presentations and white papers by a wide variety of people including current and former Governors, Members of the President’s Cabinet and military Generals.

David’s adventures, besides his Army experience as an Airborne, Ranger, Captain and Company Commander, have included climbing mountains in Colorado, running from the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, parachute jumping from airplanes, rappelling from cliffs and helicopters, hunting and fishing across the US, riding in rodeos, a number of survival courses, motor cycle riding, glider and hot air balloon excursions, water skiing, traveling in 34 countries, and walking the Great Wall in China.

David has served on boards of non-profit organizations and companies and currently serves on a board with former Governor (& DHS Secretary) Tom Ridge, General Wesley Clark, former NATO Commander and US Presidential candidate, and Mike Bowman, recipient of President Obama’s Challenge Award.  www.dyneaquaculture.com David also served on former Congressman and Corning CEO, Amory Houghton’s Service Academy Selection Committee.

David has a BS from West Point, MS from the University of Southern California, has done coursework on an MBA and PhD and is a Department of Defense certified diversity trainer. David lives with his two sons and close to his daughter’s family in Connecticut.  He has donated his services to civic, religious organizations and charities that serve the disabled and the poor.