Organizational Development

Advanced Team Development

Putting people in the same room does not make them a team. And the actions and inactions of dysfunctional teams often has negative impacts on the rest of the organization, and the bottom line. Avantt Consulting has developed unique skills in getting the heart of the issues – trust, conflict and communication problems and more. Improve the performance of your critical teams.

Many organizational decisions regarding the implementation of strategic directions are being made at the management team level; therefore, these relationships are more critical than ever in ensuring personal and organizational effectiveness. In leading the organization, the most pivotal team is management. The more productively the management team operates, the greater the effectiveness achieved by the entire organization. The opposite is also true – when the organization is stumbling, it is usually the result of the team not operating to its maximum potential. Failure to implement strategic initiatives in an organization results in numerous, well-documented problems typified by what is called “Symptoms of Organizational Dysfunction.”

One of management’s most significant obstacles in accomplishing goals is the way in which the team functions – not the difficulty of tasks. The real opportunity for any team is to identify its goals in terms of tasks and, more significantly, in terms of the new or changed behaviors it needs to exhibit and avoid to accomplish its mission. This is where high performance management results are focused – on ensuring that team behaviors support objectives.

Key Areas:

  • Assessment of the Team
  • Introduction to Goals and Behaviors
  • Effective Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Meetings
  • Increasing your Personal Effectiveness
  • Setting Personal Behavioral Goals
  • A Model for Change
  • The Innovation Process
  • Increasing Your Team Effectiveness
  • Setting Team Behavioral Goals
  • Action Plans